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I have been selected for the Anthology of Best Australian Science Writing in 2018 (Physics of Doing the Laundry – Cosmos Magazine)2019 (A Star is Torn – Cosmos Magazine) and 2020 (The Physics of Sticky Tape – Cosmos Magazine).

Enough opinions, here’s the evidence…


Selected Writing:

Reading out qubits with quantum-noise-limited amplifiers Physics Today – December 2019

So was it the Chicken or the Egg? Physicists find time, but not as we know it. Cosmos Magazine September 2019

Australian Nobel laureate’s wartime inventions honoured by US Army physicist Cosmos Magazine April 2019

A Star is Torn Cosmos Magazine – June 2018  *Selected for 2019 Anthology of Best Australian Science Writing

Coming clean: the physics of doing the laundry Cosmos magazine – March 2018. *Selected for 2018 Anthology of Best Australian Science Writing.

Fluid Flow through T-Junction Traps More Particles than Expected American Physical Society Physics Focus  – August 2018

Quantum pancake reveals clues to better electronics Cosmos Magazine – September 2018

The physics of perfect pizza Cosmos Magazine – July 2018

The physics of knitting Cosmos Magazine – June 2018

Extremism and curdled milk are more similar than you might imagine Cosmos Magazine – July 2018

Scientists hunt the anti-particle that could explain the universe Cosmos magazine – March 2018

MH370, why can’t we find it?  Cosmos Magazine – April 2014

=> More of my Cosmos stories are on their website.

ANU to host library of beautiful, useful patterns News websiteANU Physics – November 2017

Space technology for a world of problems Keio Research Highlight (Nature Group) – May 2017

Hard drive boost comes in layers of iron and cobalt A*STAR Research Highlight (Nature Group) – July 2017

Lighting the way to miniature devices, A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – September 2016

Discoveries with Light, A teacher resource on the Australian Synchrotron  – September 2016 (contributed six background and educational articles.)

Silicon brings more color to holograms, A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – August 2016

Graphene-based thermal modulators,  A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – June 2016

Astronomers glimpse supernova shockwave, ANU website – March 2016

The Blood and Guts of the Whaling Wars, ANU Reporter – February 2016

How queen bees control the princesses, ANU website – January 2016

Scientists isolate genes that delay Alzheimer’s Disease, ANU website – December 2015

The man who proved the moon isn’t cheese, ANU Reporter – November 2015

Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness, ANU website – May 2015

Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam, ANU website – October 2014

=> More of my ANU writing is on the news section of their website.

A Negative Influence, Eurofusion Picture of the Week – August 2013

More powerful than the sun, Eurofusion Number of the Week – March 2012

=> More of my Eurofusion (formerly EFDA) stories are in the Eurofusion Picture of the Week archives and Number of the Week archives.

Seeing the light: monitoring fusion experiments, Science in Schools (Europe) – August 2012

=> More of my Science in Schools magazine stories are on their website.

The Key Message: Interview with PhD student Derek Muller. School of Physics Alumni News, University of Sydney, February 2007.

The day Pluto died, School of Physics Alumni News, University of Sydney – November 2006.