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Selected writing:

Scientists hunt the anti-particle that could explain the universe Cosmos magazine – March 2018

World’s smallest thermometer offers nanotech boost  Cosmos magazine – March 2018

Coming clean: the physics of doing the laundry  Cosmos magazine – March 2018

Solving the riddle at a Nebula’s Heart Cosmos Magazine  – February 2018

MH370, why can’t we find it?  Cosmos Magazine – April 2014

Pomegranates inspire new battery design, Cosmos Magazine – February 2014

=> More of my Cosmos stories are on their website.

ANU to host library of beautiful, useful patterns News websiteANU Physics – November 2017

Space technology for a world of problems Keio Research Highlight (Nature Group) – May 2017

Lighting the way to miniature devices, A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – September 2016

Discoveries with LightA teacher resource on the Australian Synchrotron  – September 2016 (contributed six background and educational articles.)

Silicon brings more color to holograms, A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – August 2016

Graphene-based thermal modulators,  A*STAR Research (Nature Group) – June 2016

Astronomers glimpse supernova shockwave, ANU website – March 2016

The Blood and Guts of the Whaling Wars, ANU Reporter – February 2016

How queen bees control the princesses, ANU website – January 2016

Scientists isolate genes that delay Alzheimer’s Disease, ANU website – December 2015

The man who proved the moon isn’t cheese, ANU Reporter – November 2015

Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness, ANU website – May 2015

Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam, ANU website – October 2014

=> More of my ANU writing is on the news section of their website.


A Negative Influence, Eurofusion Picture of the Week – August 2013

More powerful than the sun, Eurofusion Number of the Week – March 2012

=> More of my Eurofusion (formerly EFDA) stories are in the Eurofusion Picture of the Week archives and Number of the Week archives.

Seeing the light: monitoring fusion experiments, Science in Schools (Europe) – August 2012

=> More of my Science in Schools magazine stories are on their website.

The Key Message: Interview with PhD student Derek Muller. School of Physics Alumni News, University of Sydney, February 2007.

The day Pluto died, School of Physics Alumni News, University of Sydney – November 2006.