With a PhD in physics, tough schooling from a Reuters newshound, and over a decade of science communication experience, Dr Phil can cover astronomy, nanotech, cosmology, engineering, physics, technology, chemistry, quantum science, biology, genetics, environment… or anything else you need done intelligently and intelligibly. Commission a story now.

Links to some writing examples are on the Writing page.


Insights to inspire scientists to think differently about communication, and practical tips to inspire success. Different modules to suit your organisation:

  • Writing, for the public, the media or your colleagues
  • Verbal presentations and videomaking
  • Social media and online
  • School outreach

More details on the Training page, or contact me now to develop your custom session.


Entertaining shows with songs, stories and experiments. Singalongs, audience participation, but never quite venturing into interpretive dance. Oh and there may be some science along the way too.

Solo gigs, groups, or as an MC to get your scientists, guest speakers and audience in the right mood. A selection of Dr Phil’s past gigs are listed on the Dr Phil live page.

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Phil Up On Science videos are full of the unlikely science that’s all around you. Gravitational waves in your bed, planets in your pantry or explosions in your yoghurt. You’ll never feel the same way about your kitchen.

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As well as at philuponscience.com.au, the videos are here:

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