Workin’ like a gherkin

Quickly updated my Dr Phil Live page, and realised I have a busy few months across four cities! COMING UP... Wednesday May 9: Colliding Stars, Quantum Particles and Hawking's Black Hole Legacy (Physics in the Pub) - Smiths Alternative, Canberra Friday May 11: Colliding Black Holes, Quasiparticles and a low energy future (Physics in the … Continue reading Workin’ like a gherkin


Smashing things… for the good of humanity

It's amazing how liquid nitrogen affects rubber. Turns it from bendy and stretchy into a brittle solid that you can smash into a thousand pieces - a trick that lots of science shows do. BUT, not so many people know that there is a heartwarming story of community benefit from this seemingly mindless destruction.   … Continue reading Smashing things… for the good of humanity