Would you let me put drugs in your brain?

The amazing Dr Kiara Bruggeman gets all Dr Seuss with her rhyme about her PhD research to develop a bandaid for the brain. Previously she won FameLab people's choice award with this piece. https://youtu.be/mZ-bmN7RMc0   Filmed at Health and Medical in the Pub at Smiths Alternative in Canberra. Supported by National Science Week ACT, ANU … Continue reading Would you let me put drugs in your brain?


Duck sex is so wrong

For Patricia Brennan, duck penis researcher from University of Massachusetts.. Give thanksĀ for the birth of Duck minor Mother duck has a corkscrew vagina But daddy's erection curls in the other direction Proof God's no intelligent designer Duck love making's no simple deed what's more god has deceed that the knob of this stud will drop … Continue reading Duck sex is so wrong