Workshops are highly interactive and challenging. During each session we take core principles and work towards a customised approach for your needs.

With thought-provoking discussions and practical examples we inspire the group to keep developing and challenging themselves.

We provide worksheets and exercises which the participants will work through using their own research and materials.


  • Each 1.5-hour module is $750. Details of the eight available modules are below.
  • Prices for up to 20 people.
  • For full day workshops (four modules) travel is included. For shorter sessions, travel from Canberra will be additional.
  • Larger groups are possible – contact Dr Phil to discuss your requirements.


Phil giving workshop

Training sessions are run at your workplace, or onsite at your conference. Requirements: Seating and tables with ample space to move around; a break-out space for discussions and breaks; projector and microphone; whiteboard or similar.


Workshops consist of 1.5 hour modules – four of which make up a full day. Select your perfect combo, or take the whole two-day set.


1) Introduction and general principles

Communicating successfully in today’s world, setting goals and avoiding traps.

2) Writing

Setting a purpose, defining the message and keeping it clear.

3) Presenting

Thinking visually, pitfalls to avoid, using your voice and body effectively. Engaging audiences with your personality.

4) Media

Understanding modern media outlets, crafting your message and giving sparkling interviews.

5) Multimedia introduction

How to take captivating photos and make videos, using the simplest tools such as smartphones and free software.

6) Social media introduction

The differences between the different channels and how to succeed on them (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogs, Websites)

7) School outreach

How to reach teachers, rethinking your science from a school perspective and different engagement strategies for school groups.

8) Getting creative

Breaking out of the chalk and talk, thinking like entertainers and marketers and harnessing popular culture.

University of Sydney. School of Physics

Build your perfect training session

Many of these modules overlaps, contact Dr Phil to discuss what you are looking for and see how he can craft the perfect mix for you.