Prepare for Science in the Pub

Two modules to help you develop a fun talk for Science in the Pub, and deliver it in a entertaining way. In two 90 minute sessions we’ll cover:

  • Content: how to structure a talk, what to include or not, defining your key message and having some fun.  We’ll share a brainstorm about each other’s topics. (2-3 weeks before the gig, online via zoom)
  • Voice and Body:  warmups, techniques for good voice and conquering nerves. How to connect with your audience so you can really engage them. Concludes with a run through of your talk, with personalised feedback (2-3 days before the gig, in person, preferably at the gig venue). For larger groups, runthroughs with feedback are done as a separate session.
Science in the Pub is a great way to try something new, or just get out there with a supportive audience. With this training under your belt, you’ll nail it!
Training is $250 per presenter, or $1800 for the whole session (for up to 25 people, not limited to Science in the Pub presenters – anyone can attend)