Science Communication training

How can we get our message across in this world that is awash in communication?

This workshop helps you focus your communication so it can compete with the deluge of emails, social media, and messaging apps.

Conventional approaches to science communication are losing traction. As a group we will workshop creative ways to keep up in this age of fake news and celebrity hype – approaches that will work in any context, from formal conference presentations to casual chats at a BBQ.

We will start with a set of general principles for communicating in any context, and then apply these principles to a range of communication channels:

  • writing, for the public, the media or your colleagues
  • verbal presentations
  • social media
  • school outreach

There will be practical exercises to address specifics of each mode.

To finish we’ll talk about how to get creative so that you can really wow your audience.

Contact Dr Phil to discuss a workshop for yourself, your colleagues or a conference you are organising.


Dr Phil Dooley, freelance writer, presenter and videomaker


From childhood dreams of being an astronomer, Dr Phil Dooley progressed to a PhD in laser physics. After a stint as an IT trainer, he returned to science as a communicator, where he could talk about the fun stuff without the heavy-duty equations.

In has career he has taken on bored teenage school kids on physics excursions at University of Sydney; created digital content for the international fusion research organisation, JET; been schooled by a battle-hardened Reuters hack in the ANU media office and written for prominent science publishers Nature and Cosmos Magazine.

He regularly MCs Science in the Pub events, and has performed solo in shows and festivals from Adelaide to London, blending music, stand up comedy, fairytales and live science demos. He runs a YouTube channel, Phil Up On Science.

Dr Phil is a qualified professional trainer, with a Certificate IV in Workplace training and assessment.