In this session we’ll develop a pitch to engage someone with your work. Then, when that moment arrives where you have an opportunity, you will be able to do yourself justice and really connect with potential partners and have a constructive conversation.

The course consists of four sessions of 90 minutes. The sessions begin with conceptual discussions and get more practical through the day – by Module 4 you are on your feet doing multiple pitches and getting detailed, personalized feedback.

Includes pre-work/homework to get the brain working before the session. Also, Module one can be delivered in advance via Zoom if preferred.

Session 1 – How pitching works.

Identifying the values and priorities of your audience

Mapping your research to your audience’s priorities

Building trust and rapport

Introduction to pitch structure.

Defining a good outcome.

Session 2 – Build a pitch and try it out

Powerful introduction

Storytelling skills

Put it all together – try it out

Session 3 – Presentation and conquering nerves

Connecting with people

Posture and voice

The trick to being remembered

Presentation checklist

Warm ups

Session 4 – Advanced module: the multi-layer pitch

Analysing the layers

Professors or pre-schoolers?

Add a bit of magic

Polishing the pitch

Filming and feedback session.

The Presenter – Dr Phil Dooley, freelance science writer, presenter and videomaker

Contact Dr Phil to discuss your requirements and budget.  Let’s talk!