Dr Phil’s shows are not your average science lecture. Strap in for explosions and experiments, and get ready to cheer, laugh and sing along.

There maybe adult themes, childish pranks, and language requiring parental guidance.

As an MC, Dr Phil will keep your event lively, unexpected and even educational. Science is not to be taken lightly – rather, light-heartedly.

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Gigs – 2019

Tuesday January 22 2019: The Invisible Universe – Physics in the Pub, ANU Pop Up Village, Canberra

TOUR The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe – an Astronomer’s Ode to Earth, (solo show) .


Physics of Champagne: Monday 17/12/18: ABC Radio Adelaide 4.05PM ACDT; Tuesday 18/12/18 ABC Radio Riverland SA 9.10 AM ACDT; ABC Radio Bunbury WA (Statewide) 3.40 PM AWT; ABC Brisbane 18/12/18 5.15PM; ABC Sydney 7.50 PM; 6PR Perth prerecord; Friday 4.40 PM AEDT, ABC North Tasmania;  Saturday 22/12/18  2GB Sydney/4BC Brisbane 12.30 AEDT; Sunday 23/12/18 6.30 AWT 6PR Perth; Monday 31/12/18, 2GB Sydney/4BC Brisbane

Past gigs – 2018

Wednesday November 11: Chemistry in the Pub, Sydney

Thursday October 11, 2018: Physics in the Pub, Brisbane (Barbara)

Tuesday October 9, 2018: Physics in the Pub, Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Friday August 24, 2018: The Poet’s Guide to Science (Play): Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Friday August 17, 2018: Physics in the Pub – Orient Hotel, Sydney

Wednesday August 15, 2018: Chaos Cabaret, Dr Phil & Tom Gordon –  3 Wise Monkeys Sydney

Wednesday July 11, 2018: Health and Medical in the Pub – Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Tuesday June 19, 2018: Sustainable Stand Up – Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Wednesday June 13, 2018: Chemistry in the Pub – Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Friday May 11: Colliding Black Holes, Quasiparticles and a low energy future (Physics in the Pub) – Beer Deluxe, Hawthorn, Melbourne

Wednesday May 9: Colliding Stars, Quantum Particles and Hawking’s Black Hole Legacy (Physics in the Pub) – Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Thursday March 8: Fanciful Planets, Ancient Fangs and Raising the Dead (International Women’s Day Science in the Pub) – Wig and Pen, Canberra

Sunday February 4: Sustainable Stand Up – Butterfly Club, Melbourne

Tuesday February 13: Sustainable Stand Up – Smiths Alternative, Canberra

Friday January 11: Black Holes, Higgs Bosons and the Strangest Materials in the Universe (Topological Science Summer School) – ANU Pop Up, Canberra


Science in the Pub (Physics) – Canberra; Tuesday 1st August 2017, Smiths Alternative

Physics in the Pub – Brisbane;  Tuesday 15th August 2017, Loft West End

Dark Matter – An Alternative Fact Cabaret – Sydney;  Tuesday 22nd August 2017, Wayward Brewery

Science in the Pub – Sustainable Stand Up – Canberra; Saturday 26th August, 2017, Smiths Alternative

Science in the Pub (Health & Medical) – Canberra; Saturday 2nd September, 2017, Smiths Alternative

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A selection of previous gigs:

Biology in the Pub, Smiths Alternative Bookshop – November, 2016 (MC & performer).

Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting (CHARM), after dinner speaker – August 2016

Physics in the Pub variety night, Australian Institute of Physics, – Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, 2015 – present (MC & performer)

Phil Up On Science YouTube channel launch, Beyond Q bookshop and cafe – Canberra, March 2015 (solo gig)

The Science of Cheating at Sport, Questacon Adults Night – Canberra, August 2014 (solo gig)

Conference Cabaret, Australian Science Communicators Conference – Brisbane, February 2014 (MC & performer)

Fifty shades of dark matter, Oxfordshire Science Festival – Oxford (solo gig)

Science Show Off – London, July 2013; Oxford, September 2013 (performer)

Oxford Science Live final gig – Oxford, June 2013, (performer)

Brighton Science Festival Pecha-Kucha – Brighton, March 2013 (performer)