Eye-catching Multimedia

Great visuals are essential for standing out – eyecatching images make webpages and presentations zing, and video content is more and more necessary.

In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of creating strong stills and video footage. How to get the lighting right, set up a classy composition and focus the eye in the right place.

We’ll cover

  • How to think visually and tell a story
  • Lighting and sound basics
  • Strong composition – relationship between the subject and the background
  • Simple video tips to achieve a classy result
  • Use of angles, voice over, cut away and text
  • Principles of video editing

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants more confidence creating images to illustrate their research.

The Presenter – Dr Phil Dooley, freelance science writer, presenter and videomaker

Contact Dr Phil to discuss your requirements and budget.  Let’s talk!