Sustainable Stand Up – Graduation Show

Smith's Alternative 76 Alinga St, Canberra, ACT

Sustainable Stand Up Comedy that’s not only funny, but positive, delightful and makes the world a better place. These comics by night are by day crusaders, researchers and advocates. They’ve done an eight-week Sustainable Stand Up ( ) course with international comedy coach Belina Raffy and this is the hilarious, triumphant graduation show. Come and cheer them […]


Quantum Information, Pluto and the Meaning of Life – AIP Physics in the Pub

Smith's Alternative 76 Alinga St, Canberra, ACT

Physics is back in the pub! How do you make a physicist happy? Lock them in a lab for year to do theory and quantum experiments, and THEN take them to the pub to discuss it! Physics in the Pub 2021 takes us from the tiniest quantum sensors that pick up the faintest quantum signals, […]


E2M: Earth to the Moon and Mars in the Pub

Smith's Alternative 76 Alinga St, Canberra, ACT

This month we’re setting up bases on the moon and Mars. How will we survive somewhere with no atmosphere, no organic soil, no running hot water? Scientists from a wide range of subjects will talk about the challenges and solutions of humans moving beyond the earth. How will we stay warm and grow crops? What […]


Spyplanes, Enzymes and Alpha Centauri: AIP Physics in the Pub – Online event


Come and hear local physicists talking about their work, their play and their lockdown research rabbitholes. Why are U2 spyplanes so dangerous - to` the wrong people? How can we fly to another star? Why are tin sheds so good for gliding? Nine short talks from all over the world of Physics, and all over […]

Deathly Science

Smith's Alternative 76 Alinga St, Canberra, ACT

Come Face to Face with the science of death this Science Week. Tender Canberra is joining forces with Phil Up On Science to bring you the insider information on that which is inescapable.   It’s the ultimate journey, and for many of us our biggest fear. This month we delve into how it happens and […]