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Quantum Information, Pluto and the Meaning of Life – AIP Physics in the Pub

18/05/2021 @ 6:00 pm


Physics is back in the pub!

How do you make a physicist happy? Lock them in a lab for year to do theory and quantum experiments, and THEN take them to the pub to discuss it!
Physics in the Pub 2021 takes us from the tiniest quantum sensors that pick up the faintest quantum signals, to the biggest questions of all, about Life, the Universe and Everything.
Everyone’s welcome – the speakers (and singers) have promised no long words – so bring a friend, grab a beverage and settle in for a fascinating night.
MCed by Dr Phil Dooley of Phil Up On Science, and sponsored by the ACT Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. Training thanks to ANU Physics.
Quantum physics can be explained in simple terms, says Nutsinee Kijbunchoo (OzGrav & ANU Physics), who works on the world’s most sensitive quantum sensor, the LIGO gravitational wave detector.
‘What is life?’: Isn’t that a biology question? No, says Charley Lineweaver (ANU Earth Sciences & Mt Stromlo) physics has a great answer!
The slot vacant for you or a friend! Email Info@philuponscience.com.au to get involved (training provided)
Anha Bhat (ANU Physics) says size does matter – smaller is cheaper, and gives you more precise detection!
A lot of people are still grumpy about Pluto being demoted. Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science & ANU Physics) is starting a movement to get it back in.
Ruvi Lecamwasem (CQC2T & ANU Physics) is going to explain quantum information theory, and how he uses it to measure quantum systems
Physics in the Pub – Call for presenters.
A year cooped up reading papers and doing theory… it’s time to come back to the pub! Physics in the Pub is on again, so come and share your latest research, coolest demo or weirdest lockdown discovery.
You have eight minutes in front of a friendly audience to get creative. A story, a comedy routine or just a well-crafted powerpoint show, it’s up to you. All types of physics welcome.
Sponsored by the AIP, ACT Branch.
When: Tuesday May 18, 2021
Where: Smiths Alternative,
How Much: $5 – Supercheap thanks to the Australian Institute of Physics (ACT)
The Fine Print
* Acts are limited to strictly eight minutes.
* Available resources at the venue: powerpoint/keynote/PDF viewer, screen, mac, microphone/stand, PA sound system, dimmable lights.
* Participants need to inform us of their requirements for AV, sound, tables, power, etc before the night.
* Presentations are displayed from laptop provided only, to prevent AV hiccups. We’ll assist with downloading material and testing in advance.
* If you commit to presenting, you have committed to presenting. Excepting serious illness, death or alien abduction, if you pull out you owe Phil a coffee and a seriously nice pastry.
* There are limited slots available on the night: we will do our best to include as many participants as possible, selection will be based on showcasing a range of performances and experience.
*There will be limited help available for setup and packup, for heavy or complicated equipment so please BYO roadies.
* There will be photos and videos taken on the night – let me know if you do not want these shared on social media or used for future promotional purposes
* Participants must ensure that the stage is clean and tidy for the next participant.
* Remind Phil to buy you a drink on the night!
Local physicists sharing their research, from the smallest quantum particle up to the biggest questions about the cosmos
Come and grab a refreshing beverage and a snack and find out about the latest findings on black holes, quantum computers or gravitational waves, in the relaxed atmosphere of Smiths Alternative.



6:00 pm


Smith’s Alternative
76 Alinga St
Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia
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