Make your conference stand out with great professional development, outreach and entertainment with Dr Phil.

Phil Up On Science brings you a range of services to make your conference or workshop out of the ordinary.

  • Professional Development – science communication training for your attendees to hone their messages, learn how to write attention-grabbing words and deliver a polished presentation. Build your bespoke workshop from these modules – full day pre- or post-conference sessions, repeating small workshops or a large seminar.
  • Media services – Get the best stories of your workshop out into the media and the local community, and harness the social media power of your delegates and sponsors.
  • Social Program – Make your social night memorable with a Science in the Pub event that will entertain and delight members of the public and conference delegates alike. Phil Up On Science pub nights get the researchers out of the ivory tower, having some fun talking about their research in a tried and true formula, with games, songs, poems and demos MCed by Dr Phil.
  • Conference dinner entertainment – Dr Phil Dooley brings to your conference the unique combination of science journalist, musician and stand up comedian. Whether you want serious commentary or zany entertainment, your dinner guests will get a night to remember!

Contact Dr Phil to discuss your requirements and budget.  Let’s talk!