The Most Amazing Planet – Dr Phil on Tour

Tickets on sale now for shows in Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe.  Melbourne earlybird tickets on sale until the Friday 11 January - snap them up! The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe An Astronomers Ode to Earth We like to think we are special and we live on the only planet. But astronomers have … Continue reading The Most Amazing Planet – Dr Phil on Tour


Workin’ like a gherkin

Quickly updated my Dr Phil Live page, and realised I have a busy few months across four cities! COMING UP... Wednesday May 9: Colliding Stars, Quantum Particles and Hawking's Black Hole Legacy (Physics in the Pub) - Smiths Alternative, Canberra Friday May 11: Colliding Black Holes, Quasiparticles and a low energy future (Physics in the … Continue reading Workin’ like a gherkin