A cute salty love song

The sweetest, saltiest love song about how sodium and chlorine fell in love... https://youtu.be/9RVdcV8h5_8 A cute tune by the McGarrigle Sisters, telling the heartwarming story of salt - sodium and chlorine - falling in love. Perfect for high school and university chemistry lectures, complete with valences, electron shells and ionic bonding of NaCl.

Adelaide Fringe shows!

Excited to be in Adelaide in 2019 for my first Fringe!  Doing seven shows in six days, all at the Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax St South Adelaide. Tuesday 12th March: Physics in the Pub  (booked out)     Wednesday 13 March - Solo Show The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe - an Astronomer's Ode to Earth … Continue reading Adelaide Fringe shows!