Who F&*%ed up the planet?

My cover of the amazing Katie Noonan’s song about sustainability and responsibility.  ##LANGUAGE WARNING##


The original is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdn3O6aaMNc


Sound and fire = complicated!

The Rubens Tube is a really complicated demo that seems simple. Once you start thinking about it you realise that sound antinodes are points of oscillating pressure, so the flames shouldn’t be stable peaks – they should be going up and down at the frequency of the wave!

And if you change the gas pressure a lot the nodes and antinodes reverse position! Wish I’d thought these points through before Derek asked me to film this!


Hey Plute

Why was Pluto demoted? Even after the successful flypast in 2015, he was still not reinstated. Sing along and help him get back in with the big boys.


(… just a hint… he’s got no chance)


It must be science

With apologies to Labi Siffre, and Madness…