Quantum cabbage and blue wine

A surprise find of blue wine in the washing up opened up a world of chemistry in the kitchen.

Turns out red wine and purple cabbage show amazing colours as you change their acidity. They are acid-base indicators, due to chemicals called anthocyanins.



The flame tornado

Every and then you strike gold at a garage sale. When I found a lazy susan, I knew it was flame tornado time! So good to have a mate like Eduardo to help me build it.

Exploding yoghurt – the original

Just realised I have never posted the Exploding Yoghurt video, back where it all began. Such nice camera work David Wong!


Juggling the ingredients for fusion

News from the UK today that new tokamak ST-40 has been turned on, so I thought I’d post a little explainer about how fusion works.


Smashing things… for the good of humanity

It’s amazing how liquid nitrogen affects rubber. Turns it from bendy and stretchy into a brittle solid that you can smash into a thousand pieces – a trick that lots of science shows do.

BUT, not so many people know that there is a heartwarming story of community benefit from this seemingly mindless destruction.




Plastic spaghetti

Claggy spaghetti seems exactly like the plastic in a CD to me.

Here’s a good one to try on Dad’s collection of Nick Cave CDs.


Exploding yoghurt, with added yoghurt

By popular demand, explosions with actual yoghurt. Or not? Dr Phil vs science, who will win?


Exploding yoghurt

OK, I admit, there actually is no yoghurt in this video. But the explosion is fun – try this at home, kids!


It must be science

With apologies to Labi Siffre, and Madness…