We’ve all seen presenters that just knock ‘em dead. Even on quite boring subjects the audience just seem to be in the palm of their hand. This workshop gives you the tools to wow the crowd and leave a lasting positive impression.

Working through practical exercises you will learn to create captivating visuals and avoid death by PowerPoint. You’ll learn to develop stage presence, add drama to your story and use your voice and body to connect with the audience.

We’ll cover:

  • Developing a clear message and delivering it in a way that sticks.
  • Tips and tricks for making classy PowerPoint presentations.
  • Warm ups and techniques to relax your body and voice
  • How to conquer nerves
  • Timing pitfalls to avoid at all cost.
  • Connecting with your audience and keeping them on side.
  • Adding that little extra magic

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants their presentations to stand out.

The Presenter – Dr Phil Dooley, freelance science writer, presenter and videomaker

Contact Dr Phil to discuss your requirements and budget.  Let’s talk!