Casual event coordinator and marketer needed!

Due to my much-beloved assistant Ozge heading back to Europe, I’m looking for someone Canberra-based to help with science communication events and marketing on a casual basis, for my solo business Phil Up On Science.


Primary among these is my science in the pub series, which has run in 5 cities and across many subjects (physics, maths, health, biology, environment and more). Obviously these have taken a hit during the pandemic, but as things pick up you would have the chance to build the program back up again. If you wish to take the role and run then there are also opportunities for expanding training offerings, and digital content monetisation.


The base level would be around two hours a week (more closer to gigs) – but there is room for more hours if you wish to contribute to the growth in any way that you can convince me will be successful.


I’m looking for someone who can:

  • Nail event preparation – Keep track of speaker line ups, distribute information and answer questions (not always intelligent ones), and politely harass late people.
  • Stage-manage an event seamlessly – Run AV presentations (powerpoint, PDF, videos) etc for presenters, keeping a cool head under pressure.
  • Distribute event promotional material through websites, social media and email networks, and think up new creative channels.
  • Pick up the phone and call potential sponsors and clients, even if you’ve never met them before.
  • Put up with me being a little vague and forgetful sometimes.
  • Who might like to work with an experienced science communicator and maybe get some tips on how the business works.

How to apply

Send a brief email to and tell me why you’d like to work with me, and the highlights of your skills and experience, strengths and weaknesses, by midnight Friday 1st April.

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Spyplanes, Enzymes & Alpha Centauri: Physics in the Cloud videos published

Relive the excitement of Physics in the Cloud, October 2021. Top comedy, fascinating science, a kids story and even a visit from Ziggy Stardust and his mate Alfred E Newton.

They’ll fill us in on the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative – a plan to send tiny spacecraft to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri for the first time. After launch they will be propelled towards Alpha Centauri by a hugely powerful array of lasers on earth – they’ll surf on the light waves using tiny sails.

But will they ever return?

Includes a lively Q&A session at the end of the talk, with Alessandro Tuniz and Boris Kuhlmey from University of Sydney School of Physics.

Part 1 of Spyplanes, Enzymes & Alpha Centauri: Physics in the Cloud 2021, sponsored by Australian Institute of Physics and Laboratories Credit Union.

Watch the playlist here to see the full show.


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Oh When the Science!

A science version of Oh When the Saints! I’m singing the hopes and dreams of every scientist. They dream of getting published, winning grants, tenure and a Nobel Prize! In my experience, to have success in science you need to clone yourself – twice. And then a bit of prayer could be handy…

More of Phil and co is at the Dramatis Scientificae website. I created the Oh When the Science video for AIP Physics in the Cloud, October 2021. Want more songs? Try a Chemistry love song about sodium chloride, or Pluto!

Apologies to Brian Schmidt, who was the original VC cited in this song (and whose name scanned better) but as this was a NSW-based show I had to switch to a selection of Sydney-based vice-chancellors. I apologiese also to Attila Brungs – whose name I eliminated due to bad scansion.

I thank the generation of musicians who brought the song into being around 100 years ago – there seems to be no single original composer, although a few have tried to claim it.

This is part of the 2021 Physics in the Pub (-Cloud, thanks to lockdown 2021) which Phil brings you in partnership with the Australian Institute of Physics NSW Branch.

Oh When the Science! sings Phil
Oh When the Science!

It was a laugh creating this video. But I drove my partner crazy – listening to me lip sync the song a thousand times… badly as you can see. I need a camera operator!!

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If you ruled the world…

shine dome

I’m honoured to have been asked to act in “What if Scientists Ruled the World” – a forum theatre piece run by Rebus Theatre for the Australian Academy of Science and Falling Walls Festival, based in Berlin

The audience has a chance to prevent disaster (which I will surely cause… cos I am scripted that way).

It’s an amazing process to build this story in a week with the talented folk from Rebus Theatre.

Join in – wherever you are in the world, and let’s work out a way to unfuck the world!

Find out more and register at the Academy of Science website.

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Using AI to study Humans Falling Over

Dr Maryam Ghahramani from University of Canberra gives a lovely talk about her work on balance in humans. Because of her humour and charisma it’s a great pub science communication about human healthThis set is also part of the Phil Up On Science – 2021 International Women’s Day in the Pub Show.

To develop your own sci comm skills with Dr Phil, visit the Science Communication training page.

Also, if you’d like a pub night about your science, find out more at the Science In the Pub page.

This set filmed March 9, 2021, at Smiths Alternative in Canberra, Australia, by Sandie Walters.

Above all, sponsored by the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Canberra.

In conclusion,  music used is Electricity by Phil Dooley; Thing Theme by Phil Dooley and Chris Stewart.

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